Why is Thanksgiving a holiday?

On the fourth Thursday of November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a national holiday. But why is it celebrated?

The Story 

First, there were the native people in the East coast of the USA who knew the land well, fished, hunted, and harvested for thousands of generations.

Then came the settlers who were a group of English Protestants who wanted to break away from the Church of England—they did not know much about the land.

One day, two natives, Samoset and Squanto visited the settlers. Squanto had experience with other settlers and knew English. Squanto helped the settlers grow corn and use fish to fertilize their fields. After several meetings, a formal agreement was made between the settlers and the native people and they joined together to protect each other from other tribes in March of 1621.

That fall the English and native men, women, and children ate together a feast that lasted for three days. The meal consisted of deer, corn, shellfish, and roasted meat, far from today’s traditional Thanksgiving feast.

Unfortunately, the good relationship between the native people and the English did not last long, and native people were killed by the English. But still, Thanksgiving is celebrated to remember that moment of peace and for being thankful for the abundance of food that harvest!


1) Did you know about the Thanksgiving story?

2) Did it surprise you?

3) Do you think it is a strange day to celebrate?



Thanksgiving today

These days Thanksgiving is all about eating! It is a day to get together with family and friends to be thankful for the things that we have in our lives and eat! With turkey being the main dish Thanksgiving is also known as “Turkey Day”.


Thanksgiving dishes:

Turkey Green beans
Gravy Mashed potatoes
Corn bread Cranberry sauce
Pumpkin pie

1) Have you ever tried any of these foods? What are they?

2) Which ones do you think are more related to the original Thanksgiving?

3) Would you like to celebrate Thanksgiving?

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