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Hello, everyone! We are so excited to help you fulfill your language goals with Milingual! My name is Joanna and I am a native English speaker from the North Carolina! I have three older brothers, a love for cooking, and a degree in philosophy, all of which often cause my Milingual discussions to be on a wide range of topics – from sports to robots in the work place! All of our teachers have a wide variety of interests that make our classes unique and fun. This article is a quick review of the different kinds of classes we offer.


Our FreeLinguals are general group classes where students of different levels can come together and talk about anything they like! For these groups, teachers are there to help students with vocabulary words and answer any questions students may have. FreeLinguals are a great time to get to meet new people and learn more about your teacher! I have discussed Adele’s singing talent, the best places to go on holiday in August, and which province in Spain has the best food (currently, Asturias is the leader)!

Conversation Classes

The conversation classes follow the first free hour of group discussions. They are organized by level, from beginner to advanced, and our teachers choose a discussion topic for the session based on the students’ interests and language level. During this hour, students will receive corrections from the teacher about their grammar and learn new vocabulary related to the topic (and maybe teach their instructor vocabulary from their native language as well!). Students have the choice to remain in a group class or talk with a teacher one-to-one.  Many of my students sign up with their friends to create a comfortable group to learn with.

Events offered by Milingual

We now offer students the chance to expand their language skills through events such as Yoga in Retiro, Creative writing, and Poker night! These events allow our students to learn more vocabulary specifically related to their other interests in a way that may not come up in regular conversation classes. Milingual events are also another way of getting to know your teachers and making new friends.

If you are looking for other services related to business conversations or writing, please contact our Milingual team through our website at https://www.milingual.com/#contacto. Our team will be happy to answer help you tailor your lessons to your needs!


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