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We don’t learn languages, but live them, because they are culture, history and passion, and because they allow us broaden our knowledge and experiences; for this reason, there is indeed a need to practice and improve languages. Since you are aware of this, many of you have asked us if you could invite your friends to learn English with Milingual.

Thank to technology, we have included a section in your user profile from which you will be able to invite your friends to attend their first Milingual session for free. Besides, you will benefit from every friend who comes, as you’ll get a free credit for classes.

How does it work?

It’s really easy: from the “invita a un amigo” section, you just need to add the emails of the people you want to invite.


A personalized promo code will be created automatically (in my case, apazosm8e), which will be sent to your friends.

You can get up to 100€ in credits for you Milingual sessions!

What are you waiting for?! Log in to your user profile and start inviting your friends. You can also share the code on your social networks!

*Teacher and ambassadors need to do so with a student profile.

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